Navratri 2021 is around the corner and so is the excitement, fun and enjoyment. As we know, Navratri is a festival of nine nights where people celebrate the nine avatars of the Devi across India and the celebrations along with the traditional Garba vary in different states.

Moreover, this all nine-day festival is filled with festivity and celebrations where women and men are known to dress in gorgeous traditional Indian ethnic wear called chaniya choli and kafni pajama.
During the festival, people wear these beautiful ethnic outfits during Garba and Dandiya parties held throughout these nine days. These are forms of folk dance that are widely popular in the state and require one to be extremely enthusiastic and energetic.
Now, choosing the perfect jewellery for your nine-day outfit is such a task but Handmantra has come up with an amazing solution. We have an astonishing collection of jewellery pieces that will beautify your Garba night outfit.
So below are 5 must-have Jewellery pieces to match your Navratri Vibe:

An alluring shaded colour made with precious and special stones to match your Dandiya night’s energy. The best blend of creativity and craftsmanship comes with this thread necklace. It takes feminine fashion to an extremely beautiful level made with a beautiful gemstone for women whose mystic qualities involve enhancing feelings of love and harmony in the wearer’s heart. The handmade peacock shade thread necklace along with Matte finish rose quartz layer. Get your hands on this beauty now!!

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A bracelet with minimalist design and fascinating look delicately made for celebrating the simple and elegant fashion. This triangle charm stones bracelet will flawlessly go with your every Garba outfit. This bracelet has magnificent peanut shape agate stones in brown and black colours. We always bring something which you truly want. So, what are you waiting for? Grab this now!!

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Colourful, cheerful, and bright handmade stone Baalis will go parallel with the level of your energy on every Garba night. Pure handmade stones earrings with golden superior polish baalis go with every outfit leaving you with a bright elegant look. These earrings don’t feel too heavy unlike other jewellery pieces hence, gives you full freedom of playing Graba without any worries. Super comfortable made with multicolour agate stones. Get these now!!

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One of the most beautiful necklaces from our collection, seven chakra necklace set. This necklace set comes with a super gorgeous and colourful neckpiece and earrings. Completely handmade with an immense amount of love. Earrings are astonishingly carved in the circular loop which signifies the tree of life. Goes perfectly with the necklace beaded with stones. Let your uniqueness take over with this seven chakra necklace set this Navratri.

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A neckpiece especially made to match your Garba night outfit and vibe, amethyst carnival necklace. Extremely gorgeous with heavy beaded purple and yellow stones which makes it look like a happy carnival. The colour feels extremely bright and goes parallel with your Navratri season energy. Get your hands on this precious neckpiece NOW!

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We, at Handmantra, believe in and promote craftsmanship and handmade products. Our platform brings out the talented small scale artisans into the light by giving them an unbiased and fair platform. Besides that, we encourage sustainability and an eco-friendly lifestyle. Explore more on our website, we have every possible eco-friendly alternative for toxic plastic products.

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