Do you also believe in swilling down gallons of water right after getting up from the bed? Well, if yes, this article is especially for you because we are listing the proven health benefits of Copper Utensils.

What if we tell you drinking water in copper utensils can double the benefits? Yes, cooking in copper utensils provides several health and therapeutic benefits.

Copper Kitchen Canisters Complete 5 piece Set
Copper Kitchen Canisters Complete 5 piece Set

Covid-19 has made us realize the importance of our lives. We have learned how small changes can help in making our immune system strong and ready to fight viruses.

Drinking water in Copper bottles and utilizing copper utensils for cooking purposes is one of the oldest beliefs in India.

Our ancient Ayurveda strongly believes in storing water in copper vessels daily. Our ancient Puranas fiercely believe in utilizing copper utensils for cooking.

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Copper inherits a considerable amount of antimicrobial properties which makes it an ideal metal to fight the diseases caused by the fungus, bacteria, germs and viruses.

Our body posses a tiny amount of copper in the form of a trace mineral. It’s very important to maintain copper sufficiency in our body otherwise, copper deficiency can lead to numerous chronic diseases.

If the water is stored in a copper vessel for more than 8 hours of time, it undergoes an oligodynamic effect, which kills several infection-causing bacterias and microbes. Copper also maintains the ph level of water.

Following are 6 proven health benefits of using copper utensils:

→ Reduces the risk of cancer:

Cancer has become extremely common these days. This deadly disease is getting highly challenging for our medical sorority. Most of us know the reason why cancer occurs in the body but why don’t we talk about the preventions? Water stored in a copper vessel can play a huge role as a saviour for us. Water banked in the copper glass turns into a prime source of antioxidants which fights with free radicals trap responsible for tumour and starring cancer cells in the body.

Antique Copper Utensil Rail Etsy
Antique Copper Utensil Rail Etsy

→ Enhances brain functioning:

Copper metal holds some of the most vital antioxidants which can benefit our brain functioning in a most effective way. Recent studies have revealed that the water stored in a copper vessel releases the antibodies that help in balancing the hormones and inculcates positive thoughts in the mind.

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→ Helps in maintaining heart’s health:

Recent studies have proven that insufficiency of copper in the body can cause the blocking of blood vessels in the heart. Lack of copper can also diminish your heart muscle. People with heart problems are strongly advised to consume copper water in order to maintain the ideal copper level in the body.

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→ Assists in weight loss:

Using copper utensils for cooking purposes can help your body in shedding excessive fat from your body. An ideal amount of copper water assists in boosting the metabolism of the body and helps in fat burning which results in weight loss in the most effective and healthiest way.

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→ Balances Hypertension:

A sudden copper deficiency in the blood can lead to hypertension or high blood pressure. Copper holds an upper hand in maintaining the blood pressure and cholesterol level in the body. Drinking water in copper vessels also helps in the regulation of triglycerides.

Bright copper kettles
Bright copper kettles

→ Controls Ageing:

Nowadays, copper is being widely used in numerous beauty products. Copper assists our body in forming collagen and in deeply absorbing iron. It also stimulates the energy production in our body.

Copper bottles are easy-to-carry and are lo maintenance. Utensils made of copper give an aesthetic and royal look to your dining table.

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With numerous health benefits, these utensils also beautify the aura of your kitchen.

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