Mind Bloom

MindBloom is an authentic venture started by an extremely hard-working, passionate and warming human. Her team includes her little sister who seems to have inspired her to develop an interest towards psychology.

Aashi started with a base idea of wanting to get into wellness in order to help a lot of us live a life that is calm and radiant. The story behind starting this creative firm was the thought of making an impact not only in physical terms but also psychologically. A human has an average count of about six thousand thoughts per day. You see, as a human a lot of our time is spent thinking and with the products we create, we make sure it influences these thoughts in a soulful and rhythmic manner.

Our founder, Aashi has always been very productive and concrete in placing her ideas and making them come true. We believe her work to be art. A variety of products are sold here which include Scented Candles, Natural Salt Candles, Bath Salts, Self-Care Kits, Diffusers and cute little hampers to gift loved one’s. All of these products are specifically and intricately designed and created personally. While we create these candles and salts, we do not fail to radiate vibes and energies that hold only positivity and harmony. We believe what we put into these is what will be put out when these products are used by you.

From choosing the base and raw materials of the candles to packaging and designing, it is wholly and authentically done by us to give out an elite experience to our users. MindBloom isn’t just another regular firm functioning, it is a whole thought woven out of pure love to curate and serve it’s best and most warming customers. It is a passion project that has turned into a business.

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