Myscira Natural

Brand story :

After spent past for 30 years Mythri travelling, changing places – moving along with my husband on his job with Armed Forces. His approaching retirement brought in the possible stability and rekindled the desire to do something of my own.

A creative and communicative person by nature, the routine off the shelf jobs are not my cup. Also, travelling has its own advantages – you meet new people, know them, learn their needs and see a possibility in helping them fulfill their dreams. We discussed, searched, at times with emotive intensity but the tunnel was never ending. I have been involved in reading a lot on natural/organic/handmade products. Natural cosmetics have always fascinated me. Making soaps were a possibility –a start from home itself. The idea of MYSCIRA generated from there – not here to do business but to provide truly quality product with absolute integrity generated the idea of Handmade Soaps.