OnEarth  Bamboo Toothbrush (2 Adult + 2 Child) provides you a very good, natural solution. Bamboo Toothbrush makes your morning more classy. It is a hundred percent made by natural resources so it looks very elegant.

Product Specifications:

  • Stick: Bamboo
  • Bristles: BPA free, natural or charcoal infused
  • Packaging: made with recycled waste paper


  1. Is the performance of a bamboo toothbrush as good as a plastic toothbrush?
  1. How long does bamboo toothbrush last for?
    Dentists recommend changing your toothbrush every three months, whether plastic or bamboo.
  1. How to recycle or dispose of a bamboo toothbrush?
    Remove the bristles and compost the handle (by burying it in the ground, for example).
  1. What are the bristles on the bamboo toothbrush made of?
    There are two kinds of bristles: a) plain nylon, b) Bamboo Charcoal.
  2. Are the bristles hard or soft?
    If Bamboo Charcoal, or Natural: Soft. If Nylon (Coloured): Medium
  3. What is the benefit of Bamboo charcoal bristles?
    Bamboo charcoal is known to have excellent absorption properties, thus providing your teeth a superior shine.
  4. Do bamboo handles attract fungus?
    Yes, bamboo handles (being an organic material) can attract fungus if they are not properly cleaned and if not kept in a dry place.
  5. Is Bamboo wood?
    No. It is a type of grass.
  6. How to care for a bamboo toothbrush?
    Keep the toothbrush dry and in a moisture free environment.

Environmental benefits of using Bamboo:

  • Doesn’t clog landfills like single-use plastic
  • Bamboo, a grass (not a tree), is among the fastest growing plants in the world. Certain species of bamboo can grow 36in within a 24-hour period.
  • Bamboo can be profitably cultivated in many degraded lands.
  • This rapid growth and tolerance for marginal land make bamboo a good candidate for afforestation, carbon sequestration and climate change mitigation, absorbing between 100 and 400 tonnes of carbon per hectare.
  • Bamboo, like wood, has a high strength-to-weight ratio, thus providing strength to structures.

Brand: ONEarth India

Nitika’s love for fashion led her to establish repairing lifestyle LLP in 2016. She loved into cosmetics, how they could be organic, without cruelty, and sustainable.
Sustainability has always been in the end game for her, and this is reflected in all her Reverie box products ranging from raw material to the packaging.
She ensures that as much as waste byproducts are put to use in manufacturing, culminating into the motor for ONEarth, later on. Such is affinity with sustainability and environment.
Nikita is known for her tenacity in what she believes in – bringing selfless to protect the nature.

Fact - Bamboo does not require any pesticides or chemical fertilizers for healthy growth. It is seldom eaten by pests or infected with pathogens as the result of the natural bio-agent Bamboo Kun.


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