The last collection in or crystal kits.. the Focus collection. When would you use this? Well if you are student or in the process of learning something or taking important exams. Or if you are feeling your concentration is less and you need your energy focused on a project. Fluorite acts as a learning aid which helps you to absorb information. Organises data to help you understand better. Blue lace agate gives you focus power and concentration. Amethyst keeps the mind calm and clutter free, and lapis lazuli helps you to get divine intuition . This Focus collection contains,


Blue lace agate


Lapis lazuli

Affirmation, crystal cards and care.

Vendor: Ocean In A Drop

A unique combination of Crystals and Raw ingredients to create a highly energize and potent formula. The power of these ingredients get enhanced with the crystals inside. Healing the physical body with high quality and unrefined butters and oils, as well as the energy body with specially chosen crystals inside the butters and crystal soaps. We are not giving you a drop but an ocean of love in each handmade product energized and made in small batches. We also ensure our products are Zero Waste, Ocean friendly from the packaging to what’s inside. No plastic, SLS or parabens or palm oil. Save our Oceans and switch to zero waste natural products.

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Fluorite is a mineral made up of calcium and fluoride or calcium fluoride. It can come in every single color on the color spectrum. Fluorite dates back at least to the 1500s and has many industrial uses. Its crystals are cubic shaped.

Blue Lace Agate is believed to be originally used as amulets of healing, and this tradition continued on through Ancient Greek and Egyptian civilizations. Since agate has a slower vibration frequency than most stones, it is valued as a stabilizing gemstone.

Amethyst is believed to inspire courage, calm, and contemplation. In fact, Egyptian soldiers would wear amethyst in battle in order to retain their courage.

Lapis lazuli is a semiprecious stone valued for its deep blue color. This gemstone is said to be one of the first gemstones ever worn as jewelry having been fashioned into cabochons and beads.


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