High-quality Bamboo material is used for making for all products on the handmade gift hamper, all are extremely durable and eco-friendly.

handmade gift hamper are elegant and stylish design that makes it visually appealing. It’s easy to maintain and can be easily washed.

Vendor: OnEarth

Our ultimate eco bundle pack is the best gifting option for the loved one’s this festive season.


  1. Copper Bottle- 750ml
  2. Copper Mug: 450ml
  3. Travel kit Bamboo: 1
  4. Coconut bowl: 1
  5. Plantable seed pencil: Pack of 10
  6. Plantable seed pen: Pack of 10
  7. Bamboo Toothbrush: 1
  8. Bamboo ear swabs: Pack of 80


  • Eco-friendly, Plastic-free, and Bio-degradable so good for the environment.
  • Charcoal bristles naturally remove plaque and deodorize your mouth and make your teeth healthy.
  • Wave shape bristles that make it a good toothbrush.
  • Sustainable
  • Comfortable gripping is so easy to use.
  • Wax Waterproofing gives long life.

It is 100% made of natural products and it looks so classy. Its weight is also very less so it is easy to use.

Nitika’s love for fashion led her to establish a repairing lifestyle LLP in 2016. She loved cosmetics, how they could be organic, without cruelty, and sustainable.
For her sustainability has always very important, and this is reflected in all her Reveriebox products ranging from raw material to the packaging.
She ensures that as much as waste byproducts are put to use in manufacturing, culminating into the motor for ONEarth, later on.
Nikita is known for her tenacity in what she believes in – bringing selfless to protect nature.

Fact - Bamboo does not require any pesticides or chemical fertilizers for healthy growth. It is seldom eaten by pests or infected with pathogens as the result of the natural bio-agent Bamboo Kun.


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