Your Storage space is about to become full-fledged with our eco-friendly products. Our Handmade Rectangle Wicker Holder is a hundred percent handwoven and made from natural resources. This holder comes in Beige Colour that it would add a classy look to your dining space.

Wicker gives the holder a rigid structure and extreme durability. It comes with attached handles which makes it easy to be handled by any of use.

This holder used as a Wardrobe Organizer, Skincare Organizer, Dining Organizer, etc, which makes it very useful for us.

Vendor- Akway

High Quality: Made with the best quality solid cane
Durability: Highly durable easy to wash and maintain and long-life product.
Features: Handmade Rectangle Wicker Holder A fashionable and smart solution for all your storage needs. Ideal for home and office use. sturdy and requires very less amount of storage space.
Multi-purpose: Store anything and everything, from fruits, vegetables, pantry items, toiletries, beauty products, school supplies, mail, magazines and more. What’s in the Box: One storage basket.

It is made by very strong natural resources and the looks of these holders are so elegant.

Handmade Wicker Holder is a product to give a luxurious and dynamic look to your house, kitchen as well. Most of the people used it for various purposes like a fruit holder, used as bathroom organizer purposes, and many more.

We all need such type of beautiful and useful holder in our takes less space and contains many things in one place.

It provided luxury feeling when you use it and its weight is very less so anyone can carry it very easily.


Additional information

Weight 0.299 kg
Dimensions 22.9 × 12.7 × 6.4 cm

Our Multipurpose Holder Basket is hundred percent handwoven and made from natural resources. It's made of iron and cane material. Iron gives it a strong holding structure and Cane gives it extreme durability. Wicker gives it rigid structure. It's perfect for Culinary uses. This basket is washable, visually appealing that it'll go with any fashionable Dining furniture.


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