Kitchen Coir Washing Brush is a hundred percent made of coir fiber so it looks very elegant. We have used high-quality Copper material as bristle which makes it extremely durable and lightweight. It’s easy to maintain and can be easily washed. It is used for various washing purposes.

Vendor: ONEarth

PRODUCT FEATURES: Kitchen Coir Washing Brush

  • Wood-free brush
  • Both sides of the brush can be used for washing
  • Does not damage teflon and other coated utensils.
  • Sturdy construction with copper binding.


  • Excellent brush for washing utensils where you like to work up excellent lather and thorough washing.


  • Length – 45 cm
  • Diameter – 6 cm
  • Bristle material – Coir fibre
  • Binding material – copper

Nitika’s love for fashion led her to establish repairing lifestyle LLP in 2016. She loved into cosmetics, how they could be organic, without cruelty, and sustainable.
Sustainability has always been in the end game for her, and this is reflected in all her Reveriebox products ranging from raw material to the packaging.
She ensures that as much as waste byproducts are put to use in manufacturing, culminating into the motor for ONEarth, later on. Such is affinity with sustainability and environment.
Nikita is known for her tenacity in what she believes in – bringing selfless to protect the nature.

Facts - Coir is environmentally sound and reusable after it’s sanitized. Since coir is completely natural, there are no biohazard or disposal problems. Coir decomposes slowly over time due to its composition of more than 45 percent woody lignin.


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